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A fan of all things graphical, I’m a passionate multi-disciplined creative with over ten years experience. Based in central London, I’m available for freelance work or full-time employment.

Please check out my work and if you like what you see, get in touch via email - andy@allthingsgraphical.com or call me on +44 (0)7527 775914

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New ITV Logo

So we have a new itv logo. The project follows some major re-organisation at the network, and Its the biggest revamp the channel has undergone in 11 years. I had high hopes of this rebrand, but i can’t help but feel a bit disappointed by it. Yet again, like Microsoft and ebay i feel its been a missed opportunity. It feels more like a childrens Tv channel, rather than a respected network. I prefer the old logo and i thought it sat well alongside the BBC and Sky. Clean, simple and modern. This, i’m not too sure. It may grow on me, but it feels like a cross between a Peruvian TV channel and the old Tivo logo.


First day at work in Oz

After flying out on Sat, i started work on the Monday with our extended Aussie family. The guys run a really successful design agency in Sydney and i was over to train up and help out. Exciting times and looking forward to getting stuck in. Based in awesome Jones Bay Wharf, they  have great views of the city and that bridge!

Great iPad Mini Spoof Ad

Apple just announced the new iPad mini, and the parodies are already off and running. This is a great one by Conan O’Brien. Spend your money, Catchy!


iPad Mini or a Fat iPod Touch?

Today Apple unveiled yet another iProduct – The iPad Mini. Looking like a fat iPod touch its aim is to compete with the cheaper Amazon Kindle Fire. I like the look, but will probably stump for the faster 4th generation iPad, better for showing my work on.

Will it succeed, probably. Do we need it, probably not. Apple.


Starbucks Fail

Great Starbucks fail. Love it.

Cheeky Samsung Advert

Samsung has just released a very cheeky 90 second ad for its new Galaxy Smartphone. Perfectly timed to match the release of the iphone 5, it has to be one of the most memorable commercial bitch-slaps of all time. I’d like to see what apple think of it!


The New iPhone

After seeing the new iPhone with its longer screen, i wondered what the iPhone 6 might look like. Could this be the future?

Leaked iPhone Promo

Since people only use their iPhones to take photos of food, Apple rethought everything about the iPhone 5. Very funny video by Adam Sacks. Check his website out here : http://www.adamthinks.com


Found this awesome video the other day on vimeo. One day skating with Kilian Martin. Loved the editing!


Graffiti Loading

Liked this small bit of graffiti. Simple, yet brilliant.

Helvetica The Movie

What did Helvetica tell you today? Awesome film about helvetica, typography and the global visual culture. Loved it.


Comic book ibiza

Nice and simple comic book style advert

New Microsoft logo

Microsoft just unveiled a new logo, its first redesign in almost 25 years and its got  a mixed reception. Designers are split. PC people love it. Apple people hate it. And most people don’t really care. The previous logo needed an update, but in a world of gestures, tablets and smartphones, is it dynamic enough? Is it great? Er No. Personally i would say its a bit boring – hardly thinking different.


Suspicious sign

Not sure if the character in this sign is suspicious enough? wait, look at the eyes.


Mission District Murals

I was blown away by the murals down the Mission District in San Francisco. The scale and quality of these pieces is just so impressive. So many individual and collaborative efforts addressing all types of subjects and topics. Really inspiring.

Caltrans District 7 Headquarters Building in LA

LA’s cutting edge Architecture

Los Angeles is home to some amazing architecture. Caltrans Headquarters and The Walt Disney Concert Hall are the stand outs. So innovative and original.


An idea for a font

Whilst at the Griffiths Observatory in Los Angeles i noticed that some of the signage looked funny. The counters in the type had come unstuck and fallen to the baseline. This gave me an idea for a typeface and i had to have a play when we got back to our hostel. I’m going to call it gravity or unstuck.


Jim Morrison Mural

Found this awesome mural of Jim Morrison near Hollywood Boulevard.


The Lapa Steps

The awesome Lapa Steps in Rio are the work by one man – Chiliean artist Jorge Selaron.


The Poly Station 2

Found this gem of a console in a shopping mall in Paraguay. Would love to hear what Sony think of it.